Marcus McClure


There should be a parade everyday, followed by a BBQ, a walk around the block, and then some music to get hands clapping. These are the only things, aside from laughter, that Marcus McClure (b. 1984) enjoys more than painting. Like his work, these activities depend on movement and action.

The physical act of creation motivates his art practice. And if he didn’t have to, McClure would never stop; his painting would grow from the surface, onto the table, up the wall, covering the studio with an immense Marcus McClure piece. It would have thick layers of acrylic moving into the foreground, and then hiding behind the underlying geometric drawing. His style doesn’t capture a moment, but the processes that make them. Many of McClure’s works use repeated circular forms rendered in a subtle palette, generally muted earth tones accented with bright strokes of mixed color.

CB2, one of our Community Arts Partners, has chosen two of his works as the basis for rug designs; a perfect pairing, because McClure would like nothing better than to applaud for a house completely covered in his endless painting.

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