Meg McCarville


Born 1980 in Shaumburg – USA.

Meg McCarville has created a world, The Kingdom of Lil’ Princess, populated by fanciful yet mischievous dolls. These dish soap bottle assemblages each come with a description that tells the story of that individuals adventures and mishaps in the land of Lil’ Princess. A graduate from University of Illinois at Chicago, Meg studied video and photography, but especially enjoyed video for its immediacy. When she decided she needed to devote her time solely to art, she made use of her obsessive collecting ability, finding a myriad of materials and supplies to feed her projects, from fabrics and ribbons to doll heads, old toys, party favors and more. Since she began working in the Project Onward studio in early 2010, she has created over 100 figures. Her favorite artists are Sally Man, Henry Darger and Chris Burden.

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