Molly McGrath


Born 1982 in Chicago – USA.

Molly McGrath has an extensive repertoire of art-making that includes collages of sing-along children’s album covers, Chicago transit system signs, “portraits” of doll faces, Sesame Street characters created from used Orangina bottles, and pen and marker drawings of Izze sodas (her favorite drink). Her fanciful renderings of doll faces exemplify her keen eye, her surprising wit, and her love of multiples. A meticulous writer, Molly pays careful attention to documenting each of her drawings and creating lists of artworks to be made in the future. Like other artists with autism, Molly is especially fixated on series and segments, or parts of the whole, as exemplified by a recent series of drawings, “Parts of the Shirt.” She loves her job as a newspaper carrier and enjoys attending plays and lectures.

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