Motesem “Moe” Mansur


Motesem. Who is he? Is he a man on a mission? What are his goals? Does he wish to achieve remarkable heights? What has he been through? What defines him?

Act One
Motesem Mansur, who likes to go by “Moe,” is an artist with hopes of changing a world’s view on disabilties, but at the same time, urges the world to understand his horrific, harrowing, and unspeakable trauma faced for many years that he still faces today… and on an everyday basis. Motesem’s art projects his fantasies and frequent escapes from reality. From architecture, to flowers, to faces, and finally to “get well” cards, Motesem has many weapons in his creative arsenal. He is a pen and ink person, however, he is a student at Daley College hoping to enroll into the School of the Art Institiute of Chicago and has a craving to try new medias to excel in the art world.

Act Two
But what about his writing world? Motesem’s ability to tell stories and inspire others in the process along with his artwork landed him on ABC7 news in October 2011. Motesem’s writing and creativity shows another weapon in his arsenal he carries along with him. His writing is fueled by neighborhood ignorance and prejudice against his condition. As a constant victim of disability-related slurs and threats by citizens of Burbank, he takes his unspeakable trauma and projects into a message, “You can mess with me, but you’re not going to do it to anyone else like me.”

Final Act
Motesem combines these two talents and goes by his version of a slogan inspired by the Chicago Blackhawks. “Commit to the pen and paper” is what he hangs on his wall next to his published books and favorite drawings. By doing so, he is an advocate for mental health and developmental disabilities. With his books, artwork, and advocacy, he is a force to be reckoned with.

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