Premysl Martinec


Born 1957 in Kudin – CZECH REPUBLIC.

Premysl Martinec was born in a small village near Prague, where his father was a butcher. He studied at the school of glass and later on Czech literature at Charles University. Since 1984 he lives in Prague where he works as an assistant nurse in a hospital. In the mid-1990s, he collaborated with the Czech Surrealist group. Already before entering the group, he produced thousands of drawings in his diary, in pencil or felt-tip pen. These small drawings reflect his obsession with grotesque or terrifying scenes, some representing semi-human beings (“larvae”). They function in series, there are always at least twelve on the same page of his notebook, without a date or signature. Sometimes these sketches serve as a model for compositions in ink or watercolor. In 2002, Martinec created a series of portraits of heterogeneous heads and hybrid animals, recalling works by Arcimboldo.

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