Adeyinka Perry


Adeyinka Osiyemi Perry, who is called Perry, was born and raised in NYC. He explores his ancestry by tellinh stories of his African and Caribbean roots. He sees his artwork as adding to the folklore of his people. Perry’s art is about how things might have been, his heartfelt connection to those who came before him, and those who helped shape him into the person he is today.
Perry began his artistic journey at the age of nineteen. He has said that as times changed when he was growing up, drawing was a way for him to make sense of things. He believes that his artwork has expanded his mind, stabilized his life, and given him confidence. In his own words he has said, “I like to draw and paint, because it helps me express what I’m thinking about.” It helps me have a free-hand in what I want to say.”
In the year 2000, Perry joined the Hanson Fitness Studio in Soho, NYC as a Maintenance Janitor where he currently still works. His main responsibility is taking care of the maintenance of the gym, making sure the fitness equipment is clean and placed accordingly. After nine years of working there he feels very comfortable and appreciates this opportunity since for him, it is what keeps him going rather than “being lost elsewhere,” as he puts it.
Perry views his art as a visual link to the diaspora of people. Not only does he connect to his artwork, but even his peers with similar cultural roots are reconnected to the African and Caribbean ways and their past through his art: They tell stories and reminisce when viewing his art. Perry researches his cultural heritage at museums, the library, through observations on the the streets of New York City, and through memories of his visits to Jamaica as a child.

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