Francis Charles Portzline


Portzline was a fraktur artist who came from Solingen in Germany, settled in Franklin Township, York County, Pennsylvania, about 1800, and opened a general store. Theaccount book of the store still exists, and is held by his descendants. He married Sabina Heiges, a local woman, and he probably taught in the school at the FranklinChurch.In 1804, he became a naturalized citizen in York County, and in 1812, he sold his land in York County, and moved to Perry County. A few years later he moved toSnyder County, where he would live for the rest of his life. Portzline ran a small farm while continuing to teach. He made many baptismal records for local children,frequently marked by border decorations of animals in bright colors. He used both German and English in his work. Several fraktur certificates he designed, primarily for his own children, have been found.