Jean Perdrizet


Coming from a Burgundian family of teachers, Perdrizet studied science and received his baccalaureate degree as a technical assistant in civil engineering. From 1934 to 1937 he was employed as a combat engineer in Grenoble, then at Électricité de France from 1944 to 1949. For health reasons he was forced to stop his work. Around 1955 he moved to Dignes and became an “inventor”. He started to invent prototypes and draw plans of machines to communicate with the ghosts or aliens : an “electric ouija”, a “thermoelectronic net for the ghosts”, a “Robot cosmonaut”, “space scale”, an “imagination cursor”, a “flying pipe”. He also invented a universal language, the so-called “T language”. He sent his studies to NASA, CNRS and the Swedish Royal Academy of Sciences, in the hope of receiving the Nobel Prize. His works on blueprint paper mix formulas, sketches, technical indications, theories, religious or metaphysical ideas. His work attracted the attention of scientists but also of those who refuse the omnipotence of rationalist thought.
Never married, Jean Perdrizet lived all his life with his mother, whom he outlived by only three days.

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