Jeane Pomario


Jeane does not like to talk about the past or about what must have happened long ago, as if it is hidden in the mist. She would rather talk about her work and about the things she sees clearly. Leafing through an album of photos taken since her first works of art in the Atelier Herenplaats, she comments on every work. The stories and anecdotes that she tells are as incoherent as the work itself. Everything that she makes is full of humour and nothing is as it appears to be: ‘The wolf and the goose, who are talking to each other; he doesn’t eat him up. The goose is having a good laugh, but doesn’t understand a single thing.’

Jeane is also studying graphics. In her linocuts the most curious animals come to life: crooked, crazy figures, which are above all funny and extremely moving. In her paintings she conjures up a world in which reality and fantasy, the figurative and the abstract are in complete harmony with each other. Masks, birds, devils and fantastic forms flow in and through each other as if we are taking a glimpse of a colourful procession in an Antillean carnival.

‘Look!’ Jeane points to another representation. ‘A fox who is licking a lolly. And that’s a bird, looking for another one.’ Jeane has found a style which expresses her connection with the Antilles (she was born in Curaçao). In this, the exotic animals, carnival masks and bright tropical colours of the Caribbean come to life in a fantasy world.

I am sorry to inform you that Jeane has died in December 2009.

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