Jeroen Pomp


His drawings, put on paper with a coloured pencil, are distinguished by a great diversity of subjects. Jeroen seems to be under the spell of the “horror vacui”, the paper is filled from top to bottom and no where the white of the paper is visible. Fruit, animals, flowers and plants, cityscapes, roads with cars, rails with trains, page filling, from a birds eye perspective and with encyclopaedic knowledge drawn on paper.

“When he draws a fruit-tree with apples, the other sorts of fruit will follow as a next logical continuation to his choice of drawing an apple-tree.” The urge for completeness has everything to do with his autism. A while ago I got an enormous map with drawings, made by Piet Dekkers (1904 – 1986), the grandfather of Jeroen’s mother and Jeroen’s great-grandfather. It trucks me, that his subjects and way of drawing resemble those of Jeroens. After his retirement he started drawing, every piece of white paper had to be filled. He did this in a very compulsive way, his wife ran the house. Afterwards a form of autism was recognized as well. His work also shows a lot of diversity in subjects, just like that of Jeroen. Everything is drawn on note size, a lot of and other scrap paper filled to the brim. It is particular to make an acquaintance with his world in coloured pencil.

The work of Jeroen happens to rejoice in great interest, many collectors are interested in his work and in New York he has a special agent selling his work over there.

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