Paul Pulizzano


There is a seriousness of purpose in Paul Pulizzano (b. 1988) that comes through in his artwork. Whether working with acrylic–his preferred medium, charcoal, colored pencil, or papier-mâché there is always something striking about a Pulizzano portrait. Most of his creative energy is focused on rendering human subjects from pop culture, history, and elsewhere. His style has a simple boldness, the surface is worked assuredly but sparingly, just enough to capture certain mysterious characteristics of his models. And most of this mystery is revealed in his handling of the eyes. The narrow slits and raised brow convey the slightly regal attitude of a woman posing with a fan (accented with real glitter). In another gaze, the mixed touches of white, red, purple and black perfectly compliment the pensive gesture of a finger resting on a mouth’s corner as the face disappears into the deep red background. The outrageous proportions of a pop star mugging for the camera are just right, and the colored pencil line is wild enough to have the paparazzi snap photos of his prominently displayed name brand shoes. Pulizzano’s sculptures are as intriguing as his paintings, and combine both facets of his practice into unique papier-mâché objects that carry his rough-hewn sincerity inside them. Paul Pulizzano has been making art in our studio since 2010.

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