Richard Pimental


Richard Pimental was born in 1959, and has worked at Creativity Explored since 2000.
He is a versatile artist who works in media ranging from sculpture to painting, and primarily draws inspiration from the tactile qualities of his materials.
Pimental’s paintings are thick, bright, multi-layered abstractions. He handles the paint in a very distinctive manner, combining strokes reminiscent of calligraphy with circles, splatters, and fields of dots. Sometimes the dried layers of acrylic paint resemble stained class, and other times Pimental allows the wet paint to blend into each other to create a marbling effect.

Pimental’s sculptures are usually made from synthetic clay that quickly air-dries. He manipulates this flexible material into small objects with spindly, organic appendages. Clusters of these pieces may remind the viewer of deep-sea animals or vegetation.

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