Emma Reyes


Emma Reyes was born in 1966 and has been an energetic presence at Creativity Explored since 1991.

Reyes is an enthusiastic artist, always eager to experiment with new media, but she most often works in clay. Her ceramic plates and masks vibrate with color and texture. In her three dimensional work as well as drawings and paintings, Reyes depicts a plethora of animals and plants. Her masks are typically women’s faces with teeth bared and hair flowing wildly over their heads. Reyes also works frequently with colored pencil on board or paper. All of her creations are colorful, inventive works as lively as Reyes herself.

Reyes’ vibrant artwork reflects her personality and her fiery red hair. She speaks at a frenetic pace mixing Spanish and English, and her actions are equally rapid. All of these qualities combine to make Reyes a productive and passionate artist.

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