Evelyn Reyes


For Evelyn Reyes (b. 1957) daily life mirrors the repetition and order that are central to her art making. All of the component parts of her meals are precisely arranged, then eaten in a deliberate sequence. The recurrence of holidays fills her with anticipation weeks before they arrive.

Reverence for each aspect of the process defines her art practice. It begins with the selection of a piece of specifically sized paper. Next, the particular shade of oil pastel is chosen, the forms outlined then filled with a thick impasto. The finished piece is carefully examined, cradled in her arms, and taken to certain cardinal points in the studio. And finally, there is the ceremonial clean up and storing away of the completed work.

Reyes exclusively makes series of works of her mystical, abstracted shapes. There have been periods of cakes, garbage cans, and, currently, carrots. Reyes’ work was prominently featured in the Berkeley Art Museum’s “Create” exhibition(2011). In 2010, CB2, one of our community arts partners, chose Reyes’ carrots as the basis for two pillow designs. The seriousness, dedication, and joy that she brings to her work and life have been awe-inspiring since she began at Creativity Explored in 2002.

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