Giulio Rosso


Giulio Rosso was born in Imperia (Liguria) in 1957 and has been working at the studio La Manica Lunga in the psychiatric hospital of Sospiro (Cremona) since 1995. He loves company but has a very retiring character; in the studio he worked out for himself a working position that is detached from the other artists but that yet allows him to stare at all of them. Rosso’s work had been the same in terms of technical performance since he begun painting. His subjects choice broadened to encompass the human figure; his Madonna’s series is remarkable, it constitutes of a “Madonna of the mouse” a “Madonna-fish that lives underwater”, “a Madonna-cat”. Every painting in the series is unique as far as the symbols it exploits and the colors are concerned. The red dragon that is often staged with Rosso’s subject is the artist’s avatar. Rosso’s work can be found at the Losanna Collection de l’Art Brut.

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