Marco Raugei


Marco Raugei was born in a working class family. He went to elementary school for five years, but unable to adjust, he was placed in special education institutions. 
He lives at home but since 1986 has been going to la Tinaia, an art workshop at the psychiatric Hospital of San Salvi in Florence. La Tinaia, as Gugging, is not really an art therapy center but a place where anyone can express his or her feelings freely.
Marco Raugei always talks while he draws, mumbling incomprehensible psalms in different voices. His artistic style is a repetition of motifs. He gets his inspiration from everyday life. His replications end when the page ends. This repetitive obsession is similar to a ritual incantation of which the voice is one of the essential components. The simple drawing cannot make us, however, aware of all these elements.

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