Vittorio Rullo


Vittorio Rullo was born in Catanzaro, Calabria on the first of April 1960. Still very young he moved to Savana, Liguria, where, a guest of the Villa Zanelli Institute he learnt the basics of the art of ceramics and discovered his skills. His works drew the attention of Maestro Lorenzini that opened the doors of his studio to Vittorio and made his experience available to him. Very soon Rullo would start focusing on extremely essential figures realized through few touches on the material he models around the vacuum: animals, human figures, erotic scenes, e recently, personal interpretations of the crèche theme. Today, thanks to Marco Tortarolo who welcomes him in his studio providing for the material and the instruments, first of all the oven, his repertoire widened to more introspective subjects while more acknowledgments arrive from historians and art critics: Cecilia Chilosi, Sandro Lorenzini and Daniela Rosi who brought Rullo’s work to our attention.

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