Yolanda Ramirez


“You make something that you make”, states Yolanda Ramirez (b. 1955) about her artistic process. She continues, “I paint food because it’s good. I make the popcorn because why, it’s fresh. It’s hot popcorn fresh. I love to draw spinach because then I make spinach.”

An industrious presence in the studio since 1990, Ramirez can usually be found knitting when not busy making artworks, which have recently turned toward her needlework for subject matter. “I like to draw the belts, scarves, potholders, purse, and wallets because I knitted them. When I draw the scarf I put the color on. I have to pay attention to how many stitches are on the square. Put another color there, then another there, some more colors, some more colors, some more colors, some color. I like to put one color on at a time. I like to draw the pom-pom.” Yet, her figurative pieces range widely from food to undersea creatures, and encompass strange worlds populated by smiling lemons on wheels, mariachi bands, and forlorn mermaids with violins.

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