Henri Salingardes


Born 1872 in Villefranche de Rouge – FRANCE. Died 1947 in Cordes – FRANCE.

Already during his adolescence Salingardes worked as a barber. In 1903 he moved to Cordes in the Tarn. At the age of fifty-three, he bought an old palace and most of his time was spent visiting antique shops and flea markets. He repaired old furniture and restored antique objects. His palace filled up quickly, reminiscent of the cave of Ali Baba. Around the age of sixty-four, Henri Salingardes spent more and more time in his outdoor “studio”, pouring concrete and kneading clay. He also started making medallions and assemblages of animals or imaginary figures glued onto a sort of background, sometimes covered with imprints of leaves. Salingardes’ creation seems to be quite far from his job of restoring furniture : he abandoned the “noble” materials in favour of concrete ; also, he chose to mold rather than to sculpt. In November 1943 Salinfardes lost a leg in a railroad accident and ceased all his activities. He died in the spring of 1947.

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