Vincent Salas


As a self-taught Puerto Rican Artist, social, political, and spiritual issues are of great importance to my work. In 1975, I emerged on canvas with my graffiti name –DO IT – and became a member of the Nation of Graffiti Artists (N.O.G.A.) combined in spray paint with collage and construction. My work continued in many forms, including: found object, mixed media, construction, collage, acrylic, watercolors and mixed media installations. I curated many alternative gallery spaces for 15 years, including the Food Stamp Gallery – two large windows in a Cashier Store in East Harlem, where I showed works by a variety of artists and community groups dealing with issues such as homelessness, drug addiction, gentrification, AIDS, police brutality, to name a few. I also curated Galleria Boricua – 12 showcase windows in the lobby of Boricua College in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

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