Gaston Teuscher


Born 1903 in Montherod-sur-aubonne – SWITZERLAND. Died 1986 in SWITZERLAND

Gaston Teuscher was a good student, at the top of his class, but he did not follow the rules. For a long time he remained attached to his mother, a midwife. his father worked on a farm. When Teuscher became adult, he decide to travel. To support himself, he taught French and physical education wherever he went in Europe. He ended up settling in Switzerland, where he worked as a teacher.
Whenever he had any spare time, he loved touring the country by train, going from one place to another just for the mere pleasure of traveling and meeting people or discovering a new restaurant. 
He started drawing in 1974 at the age of seventy-one. 
The illustration of one of his poems became the beginning of a huge productivity. He enjoys the irregular shapes of recycled paper on which he draws ghostly looking bodies with swaying faces. He uses pencils or ballpoint pen ; his colours come from tobacco juice, cherries, peaches or wine. His materials and his way of filling up the whole page are far from what he learned in school. He does not consider himself an artist but rather a layman who is interested in revealing what is hidden in nature.

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