Ionel Talpazan


Born 1955 – USA.

Ionel Talpazan was born in Romania. He was raised by foster parents in a small village. At the age of eight, a particular event altered his life : he saw a flying saucer. Once he became an adult, a friend suggested to him to flee the country. This decision resulted in adventures full of danger : a night-time swim across the Danube, imprisonments, threats of deportation etc. Granted political asylum in the United States, Ionel Talpazan settled in New York and took up drawing and painting. He also began creating plaster models of UFO’s. His UFO art has filled the entire apartment, he has only kept a small space to eat. Talpazan remains convinced that soon scientists working for NASA will become interested in his drawings that contain the secrets of propulsion systems allowing UFO’s to move great distance. Many of his drawings contain writings, the majority in Romanian. On the backside of certain drawings, Talpazan adds images of the Statue of Liberty together with his hand prints, thus documenting his experience of America.