Ryan Tepich


Born 1988 in Chicago – USA.
Ryan Tepich is a meticulous draftsman, fascinated by the mysteries of light and dark. A diligent student of art historical iconography, Ryan finds inspiration in angels of all kinds, from chubby babies with fluffy wings to avenging angels with flaming swords. The images of Ryan’s peculiar company of heaven are meticulously rendered in charcoal, ink, and watercolor on paper, and were featured in his recent solo exhibition at the Chicago Cultural Center’s Project Onward Gallery. Like many individuals with autism, Ryan’s way of seeing the world is in segments – in series of minute details rather than “the big picture.” As a result, his completed drawings are incredibly intricate, with details and colors rendered flawlessly from the images he uses as source material. Yet his drawings are not “realistic” in any conventional sense, because the whole is delightfully other than the sum of its parts. He says, “I really like showing my artwork because I like when people say nice things about my art.” Ryan has worked at Project Onward since 2007.

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