Born 1918 in Près d’aix-la-chapelle – GERMANY. Died in 1998.

Theo grew up in a small village. Teenager, he spent most of his time smuggling. One day he was surprised by the customs officers who shot at him. This incident would mark the rest of his life. He gradually isolated himself. At that time he began drawing cartoons, mostly men linked to the Church. When Hitler conceived his extermination program for the mentally ill, Theo escaped the gas chamber thanks to his family doctor. However, he was rendered sterile. Growing old, he began to collect waste. The situation became untenable for his family and they decided to commit him. When Theo was sixty-one he started to draw intensively with a pencil or a felt-tip pen. The main theme of hundreds of his drawings is the representation of Hitler and Nazi officials. The drawings are accompanied by xenophobic slogans mixed with sets of numbers indicating the year associated with the Third Reich. His iconographic universe also refers to biblical scenes or invented stories.

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