The Czech artist has chosen the pseudonym Ticho (meaning “silence” in Czech). After graduating from high school and an agricultural school, Frantisek decided to work for the railway company. In 1992, he spent three weeks in a forest and, for that reason alone, was arrested for vagrancy and committed to the psychiatric hospital of Horni Berkovice. He emerged a few months later and then embarked on a life of an “anarchist tramp”. He began to write and draw a newspaper entitled The Night, expression of a new personal style that he calls “literary conceptualism”. There are poems, religious texts, drawings and collages, mounted on different media : paper, matchboxes, wire, nails or train tickets. His daily life is thus collected and sealed in a kind of books-boxes, allowing him to keep track of his life story. In 1996 he was dislodged from the top of the chimney of the power plant. During an argument with his girlfriend, he broke the windows of a restaurant. Arrested, he was sentenced to six months of confinement in a psychiatric hospital. Currently, Frantisek is free again and has resumed his life as an artist.

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